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FilterGrammar.h File Reference
#include "smtk/model/LimitingClause.h"
#include "tao/pegtl.hpp"
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struct  smtk::model::property_traits< property >
 We use a traits class to describe analogous features between the different property types. More...
struct  smtk::model::property_traits< int_property >
struct  smtk::model::property_traits< float_property >
struct  smtk::model::property_traits< string_property >
struct  smtk::model::grammar_for< property >
 With the differences between the property types factored out into the above traits class, we can now construct a general description for the grammar for each property type. More...
struct  smtk::model::FilterGrammar
 The filter grammar is a composition of the grammar for each property type. More...
struct  smtk::model::FilterAction< Rule >
 Actions on the state in response to encountered grammar. More...
struct  smtk::model::FilterAction< int_property_name >
struct  smtk::model::FilterAction< float_property_name >
struct  smtk::model::FilterAction< string_property_name >
struct  smtk::model::FilterAction< name_property_value >
struct  smtk::model::FilterAction< name_property_regex_value >
struct  smtk::model::FilterAction< int_property_value >
struct  smtk::model::FilterAction< float_property_value >
struct  smtk::model::FilterAction< string_property_value >
struct  smtk::model::FilterAction< string_property_regex_value >


 The main namespace for the Simulation Modeling Tool Kit (SMTK).
 Represent geometric and topological models of simulation domains.

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