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pqConePropertyWidget Class Reference
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class  Internals

Public Slots

void pick (double, double, double)
void pickPoint1 (double, double, double)
void pickPoint2 (double, double, double)
void setCylindrical (bool)
 Force the widget to accept a single, positive radius (when true).
void setForceCylindrical (bool)
 The same as setCylindrical, but also hide the checkbox that allows user control of whether the cone is a cylinder (when true).

Public Member Functions

 pqConePropertyWidget (vtkSMProxy *proxy, vtkSMPropertyGroup *smgroup, QWidget *parent=nullptr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pqSMTKInteractivePropertyWidget
 pqSMTKInteractivePropertyWidget (const char *widget_smgroup, const char *widget_smname, vtkSMProxy *proxy, vtkSMPropertyGroup *smgroup, QWidget *parent=nullptr)
void deselect () override
 allow override of default behavior which hides the widget when not "selected"
void hideEvent (QHideEvent *e) override
 allow override to not hide 3D widget when QT widget is hidden.
void setHideWhenInactive (bool val)
bool hideWhenInactive () const

Protected Slots

void updateInformationLabels ()
void placeWidget () override

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from pqSMTKInteractivePropertyWidget
bool m_hideWhenInactive = true

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