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pqSMTKAttributeItemWidget::Internal Class Reference

State shared by all ParaView-enabled qtItem widgets. More...

#include <pqSMTKAttributeItemWidgetP.h>

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Public Types

enum  State { State::Idle, State::UpdatingFromUI, State::UpdatingFromAttribute, State::Interacting }

Public Member Functions

 Internal (smtk::attribute::ItemPtr itm, QWidget *p, smtk::extension::qtBaseView *bview, Qt::Orientation orient)

Public Attributes

QPointer< QGridLayout > m_layout
QPointer< QLabel > m_label
Qt::Orientation m_orientation
pqInteractivePropertyWidget * m_pvwidget
vtkNew< vtkEventQtSlotConnect > m_connector
OverrideWhen m_overrideWhen { OverrideWhen::Unset }
GeometrySource m_geometrySource { GeometrySource::BestGuess }
FallbackStrategy m_fallbackStrategy { FallbackStrategy::Hide }
QMap< QWidget *, QPair< QLayout *, QWidget * > > m_children
smtk::operation::Observers::Key m_opObserver
State m_state { State::Idle }

Detailed Description

State shared by all ParaView-enabled qtItem widgets.

ParaView has a standard API (the pqInteractivePropertyWidget) for widgets that have representations in render views. Instances of this class are held by the pqSMTKAttributeItemWidget and used by subclasses to manage properties specific to the type of ParaView widget they expose.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ State


Widget is not being manipulated by attribute system or user.


Widget was manipulated by user.


Widget was manipulated by attribute system.


Widget is being manipulated by user; do not update item yet.

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