Simulation Modeling Tool Kit
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pqSMTKOperationToolboxPanel Class Reference

A panel that displays available operations in a "toolbox". More...

#include <pqSMTKOperationToolboxPanel.h>

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Public Slots

virtual void observeWrapper (pqSMTKWrapper *, pqServer *)
 Called when a new client-server connection is added.
virtual void unobserveWrapper (pqSMTKWrapper *, pqServer *)
 Called when a client-server connection is removed.
virtual void searchFocus ()
 Called when the user presses Ctrl+Space. More...
virtual bool setConfiguration (const smtk::view::Information &config)
 Available for task-based workflows to reconfigure available operations. More...


void titleChanged (QString title)
bool editOperation (smtk::operation::Operation::Index index)
 Populate the operation editor panel with the given operation index. More...
void runOperation (smtk::operation::Operation::Index index)
 Queue the (potentially asynchronous) operation to be run immediately with default parameters.

Public Member Functions

 pqSMTKOperationToolboxPanel (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
QPointer< smtk::extension::qtOperationPalettetoolbox () const
 Return the toolbox view this dock-widget displays:

Static Public Member Functions

static void setDefaultOperations (const std::shared_ptr< smtk::view::OperationDecorator > &decorator)
 Provide a default set of operations that should be presented in the toolbox.

Protected Member Functions

void reconfigure ()
 Called by both setConfiguration and observeWrapper.

Protected Attributes

pqSMTKWrapper * m_wrapper { nullptr }
QPointer< smtk::extension::qtOperationPalettem_view
QPointer< smtk::extension::qtUIManagerm_uiMgr
QPointer< pqModalShortcut > m_findOperationShortcut
std::shared_ptr< smtk::view::Configurationm_configuration

Static Protected Attributes

static std::shared_ptr< smtk::view::OperationDecorators_defaultOperations

Detailed Description

A panel that displays available operations in a "toolbox".

The panel emits signals when users request an operation be (a) immediately run or (b) run after editing parameters.

Member Function Documentation

◆ editOperation

bool pqSMTKOperationToolboxPanel::editOperation ( smtk::operation::Operation::Index  index)

Populate the operation editor panel with the given operation index.

If the operation editor is hidden and this method returns true, it will be shown.

◆ searchFocus

void pqSMTKOperationToolboxPanel::searchFocus ( )

Called when the user presses Ctrl+Space.

This method will raise the panel and apply focus to the search bar.

◆ setConfiguration

bool pqSMTKOperationToolboxPanel::setConfiguration ( const smtk::view::Information config)

Available for task-based workflows to reconfigure available operations.

A default configuration is provided the enables the search bar in the qtOperationPalette and the auto-run option in the qtOperationTypeModel. The default allows all operations to be presented.

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