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pqSMTKResource Class Reference

A pqPipelineSource subclass for VTK algorithms that own SMTK resources. More...

#include <pqSMTKResource.h>

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void resourceModified (smtk::resource::ResourcePtr)
 This is called when the pqSMTKResource is assigned a new smtk::resource::ResourcePtr.
void operationOccurred (QPrivateSignal)
 Internal signal called from the subthread executing an operation to notify the primary thread that an operation has executed.

Public Member Functions

 pqSMTKResource (const QString &grp, const QString &name, vtkSMProxy *proxy, pqServer *server, QObject *parent=nullptr)
smtk::resource::ResourcePtr getResource () const
 Return the client-side smtk resource mirroring the server's original.
void dropResource ()
 Drop the resource in preparation for server/application exit.

Protected Slots

virtual void synchronizeResource ()
 Keep the pqSMTKResource and smtk::resource::Resource in sync. More...

Protected Attributes

smtk::resource::WeakResourcePtr m_lastResource
smtk::operation::Observers::Key m_key

Detailed Description

A pqPipelineSource subclass for VTK algorithms that own SMTK resources.

A single pqSMTKResource may hold different SMTK resources over its lifetime, so there is not a permanent, one-to-one correspondence between a pqSMTKResource and an smtk::resource::Resource. Indeed, a pqSMTKResource may exist with a null SMTK resource pointer. In general, a user-facing SMTK resource should never exist without a pqSMTKResource counterpart, though.

Member Function Documentation

◆ synchronizeResource

void pqSMTKResource::synchronizeResource ( )

Keep the pqSMTKResource and smtk::resource::Resource in sync.

This is called when the ParaView pipeline source (vtkSMTKResourceSource) has had its data modified. This can be the result of a filename change that means the old SMTK resource should be removed from the manager and a new one added. It may also be an unrelated change resulting in a modified resource, but these changes should be tracked by the operation manager, not ParaView signals/slots.

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