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pqSMTKResourceBrowser Class Reference

A widget that displays SMTK resources available to the application/user. More...

#include <pqSMTKResourceBrowser.h>

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Public Member Functions

 smtkTypenameMacro (pqSMTKResourceBrowser)
 pqSMTKResourceBrowser (const smtk::view::Information &info)
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtResourceBrowser
 smtkTypenameMacro (qtResourceBrowser)
 qtResourceBrowser (const smtk::view::Information &info)
QTreeView * view () const
smtk::view::PhraseModelPtr phraseModel () const
void setPhraseModel (const smtk::view::PhraseModelPtr &)
smtk::view::SubphraseGeneratorPtr phraseGenerator () const
void setPhraseGenerator (smtk::view::SubphraseGeneratorPtr spg)
smtk::extension::qtDescriptivePhraseModeldescriptivePhraseModel () const
void setDescriptivePhraseModel (QAbstractItemModel *qmodel)
bool highlightOnHover () const
void setHighlightOnHover (bool highlight)
 Internal ()
void setup (qtResourceBrowser *self, const smtk::view::PhraseModelPtr &phraseModel, const std::string &viewName, QAbstractItemModel *qmodel, QWidget *parent, const std::shared_ptr< smtk::view::Selection > &selection=std::shared_ptr< smtk::view::Selection >(), bool searchBar=false)
smtk::extension::qtDescriptivePhraseModeldescriptivePhraseModel () const
void setDescriptivePhraseModel (QAbstractItemModel *qmodel)
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseView
 smtkTypenameMacro (qtBaseView)
 qtBaseView (const smtk::view::Information &info)
const smtk::view::ConfigurationPtrconfiguration () const
QWidget * widget () const
QWidget * parentWidget () const
qtUIManageruiManager () const
const smtk::view::Informationinformation () const
 Return the view's specification (its configuration plus environment information).
virtual int advanceLevel () const
virtual bool categoryEnabled () const
virtual std::string currentCategory () const
virtual void setInitialCategory ()
 When category filtering is requested to be either on by default or is requested to be on permanently, we need to have a mechanism to force the views to display info based on the initial category. More...
bool isTopLevel () const
virtual bool isEmpty () const
 Return true if the view does not contain any information to display. More...
virtual bool isValid () const
 Return true if the view's contents are valid.
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::view::BaseView
 smtkTypenameMacroBase (BaseView)
virtual std::size_t index () const
 index is a compile-time intrinsic of the derived view; as such, it cannot be set.

Static Public Member Functions

static smtk::extension::qtBaseViewcreateViewWidget (const smtk::view::Information &info)
static const std::string getJSONConfiguration ()
 Return the string that represents the configuration for browser components, specialized from qtResourceBrowser version.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtResourceBrowser
static qtBaseViewcreateViewWidget (const smtk::view::Information &info)
static QTreeView * createDefaultView (QWidget *parent)
static const std::string & getJSONConfiguration ()
 Return the string that represents the configuration for browser components.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseView
static bool validateInformation (const smtk::view::Information &info)

Protected Slots

virtual void searchTextChanged (const QString &searchText)
virtual void resourceManagerAdded (pqSMTKWrapper *mgr, pqServer *server)
virtual void resourceManagerRemoved (pqSMTKWrapper *mgr, pqServer *server)
virtual void updateSettings ()
 Called when vtkSMTKSettings is modified, indicating highlight-on-hover behavior may change.
- Protected Slots inherited from smtk::extension::qtResourceBrowser
virtual void hoverRow (const QModelIndex &idx)
virtual void resetHover ()

Protected Member Functions

void initSubphraseGenerator ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtResourceBrowser
virtual void resetHover (smtk::resource::ComponentSet &add, smtk::resource::ComponentSet &del)
 Called when the user asks to change the color. More...
bool eventFilter (QObject *, QEvent *) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseView
virtual void buildUI ()
 Creates the UI related to the view and properly assigns it to the parent widget.
virtual void createWidget ()
 Creates the main QT Widget that is associated with a View. More...
virtual void makeTopLevel ()
 Adds properties associated with respects to a top level view.
virtual void setInfoToBeDisplayed ()
 Set the information to be displayed in the ViewInfoDialog.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from smtk::extension::qtResourceBrowser
virtual void sendPanelSelectionToSMTK (const QItemSelection &selected, const QItemSelection &deselected)
virtual void sendSMTKSelectionToPanel (const std::string &src, smtk::view::SelectionPtr seln)
virtual void addSource (smtk::common::TypeContainer &managers)
virtual void removeSource (smtk::common::TypeContainer &managers)
- Public Slots inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseView
virtual void updateUI ()
 Have the view update its contents. More...
virtual void childrenResized ()
virtual void showAdvanceLevelOverlay (bool val)
virtual void showAdvanceLevel (int)
 Have the view update its contents based on a new advance level.
virtual void enableShowBy (int)
virtual void onInfo ()
 Display view information (i.e., help text)
virtual void onShowCategory ()
- Signals inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseView
void aboutToDestroy ()
void modified ()
- Public Attributes inherited from smtk::extension::qtResourceBrowser
QWidget * m_container { nullptr }
QVBoxLayout * m_layout { nullptr }
QTreeView * m_view { nullptr }
QPointer< qtResourceBrowserm_self
QPointer< QAbstractItemModel > m_model
QPointer< smtk::extension::qtDescriptivePhraseDelegatem_delegate
std::map< smtk::resource::ManagerPtr, int > m_observers
smtk::view::PhraseModelPtr m_phraseModel
smtk::view::SelectionPtr m_seln
smtk::view::SelectionObservers::Key m_selnHandle
int m_selnValue
int m_hoverValue
std::string m_selnSource
std::string m_selnLabel
std::string m_hoverLabel
std::string m_viewName
std::string m_resourceTreeType
int m_resourceTreeStyle { -1 }
QPointer< QSortFilterProxyModel > m_filter
 A proxy model for users to search by name.
QPointer< QLineEdit > m_search
 An optional search bar for users.
bool m_updatingPanelSelectionFromSMTK { false }
- Protected Attributes inherited from smtk::extension::qtResourceBrowser
Internal * m_p
- Protected Attributes inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseView
QWidget * Widget
bool m_isTopLevel
bool m_useSelectionManager
smtk::view::Information m_viewInfo
QPointer< qtViewInfoDialogm_infoDialog
bool m_advOverlayVisible
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from smtk::extension::qtResourceBrowser
static std::string s_configurationJSON = ResourcePanelConfiguration_json

Detailed Description

A widget that displays SMTK resources available to the application/user.

This adds the following functionality to the qtResourceBrowser:

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