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smtkAssignColorsView Class Reference

UI component for assigning colors to entities. More...

#include <smtkAssignColorsView.h>

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Public Slots

void updateUI () override
void onShowCategory () override
void valueChanged (smtk::attribute::ItemPtr optype) override
 This will be triggered by selecting different type of construction method in create-edge op.
- Public Slots inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseAttributeView
virtual void updateModelAssociation ()
virtual void valueChanged (smtk::attribute::ItemPtr)
virtual void attributeCreated (const smtk::attribute::AttributePtr &)
 Invoke the Signal dummy operation to indicate an attribute has been created.
virtual void attributeChanged (const smtk::attribute::AttributePtr &, std::vector< std::string > items=std::vector< std::string >())
 Invoke the Signal dummy operation to indicate an attribute has been changed (renamed).
virtual void attributeRemoved (const smtk::attribute::AttributePtr &)
 Invoke the Signal dummy operation to indicate an attribute has been removed.
void showAdvanceLevel (int i) override
void enableShowBy (int) override
void onInfo () override
- Public Slots inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseView
virtual void updateUI ()
 Have the view update its contents. More...
virtual void childrenResized ()
virtual void showAdvanceLevelOverlay (bool val)
virtual void showAdvanceLevel (int)
 Have the view update its contents based on a new advance level.
virtual void enableShowBy (int)
virtual void onInfo ()
 Display view information (i.e., help text)
virtual void onShowCategory ()

Public Member Functions

 smtkTypenameMacro (smtkAssignColorsView)
 smtkAssignColorsView (const smtk::view::Information &info)
bool displayItem (smtk::attribute::ItemPtr) const override
 Determines if an item should be displayed. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseAttributeView
 smtkTypenameMacro (qtBaseAttributeView)
 qtBaseAttributeView (const smtk::view::Information &info)
void setInitialCategory () override
 When category filtering is requested to be either on by default or is requested to be on permanently, we need to have a mechanism to force the views to display info based on the initial category. More...
virtual bool displayItemDefinition (const smtk::attribute::ItemDefinitionPtr &) const
virtual bool isItemWriteable (const smtk::attribute::ItemPtr &) const
 Determines if an item can be modified.
virtual void getDefinitions (smtk::attribute::DefinitionPtr attDef, QList< smtk::attribute::DefinitionPtr > &defs)
int fixedLabelWidth ()
bool setFixedLabelWidth (int w)
bool advanceLevelVisible ()
bool useSelectionManager () const
int advanceLevel () const override
bool categoryEnabled () const override
std::string currentCategory () const override
bool isEmpty () const override
 Return true if the view does not contain any information to display. More...
void setIgnoreCategories (bool mode)
bool ignoreCategories () const
smtk::attribute::ResourcePtr attributeResource () const
 Return the attribute resource used by this View.
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseView
 smtkTypenameMacro (qtBaseView)
 qtBaseView (const smtk::view::Information &info)
const smtk::view::ConfigurationPtrconfiguration () const
QWidget * widget () const
QWidget * parentWidget () const
qtUIManageruiManager () const
const smtk::view::Informationinformation () const
 Return the view's specification (its configuration plus environment information).
bool isTopLevel () const
virtual bool isValid () const
 Return true if the view's contents are valid.
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::view::BaseView
 smtkTypenameMacroBase (BaseView)
virtual std::size_t index () const
 index is a compile-time intrinsic of the derived view; as such, it cannot be set.

Static Public Member Functions

static smtk::extension::qtBaseViewcreateViewWidget (const smtk::view::Information &info)
static QIcon renderColorSwatch (const QColor &color, int radius)
static QIcon renderPaletteSwatch (const QList< QColor > &color, int width, int radius)
static QIcon renderInvalidSwatch (int radius)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseAttributeView
static bool validateInformation (const smtk::view::Information &info)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseView
static bool validateInformation (const smtk::view::Information &info)

Protected Slots

virtual void requestOperation (const smtk::operation::OperationPtr &op)
virtual void chooseDefaultColorAndApply ()
virtual void applyDefaultColor ()
virtual void applyDefaultPalette ()
virtual void processOpacitySlider (int)
virtual void processOpacityValue (double)
virtual void removeColors ()
virtual void setDefaultPaletteAndApply ()
virtual void attributeModified ()
 This slot is used to indicate that the underlying attribute for the operation should be checked for validity.
- Protected Slots inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseAttributeView
virtual void onAdvanceLevelChanged (int levelIdx)
void onConfigurationChanged (int levelIdx)

Protected Member Functions

void createWidget () override
 Creates the main QT Widget that is associated with a View. More...
void setInfoToBeDisplayed () override
 Set the information to be displayed in the ViewInfoDialog.
void prepPaletteChooser ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseAttributeView
void buildUI () override
 Create the UI related to the view and assigns it to the parent widget.
void makeTopLevel () override
 Adds properties associated with respects to a top level view.
bool checkStatus (const smtk::attribute::Attribute *att) const
 Returns true if |att| is valid.
virtual bool categoryTest (const smtk::attribute::ItemPtr &) const
 Test for category filtering. More...
virtual bool advanceLevelTest (const smtk::attribute::ItemPtr &) const
 Test for advance level filtering. More...
void topLevelPrepCategories (const smtk::view::ConfigurationPtr &view, const smtk::attribute::ResourcePtr &attResource)
void topLevelPrepConfigurations (const smtk::view::ConfigurationPtr &view, const smtk::attribute::ResourcePtr &attResource)
void topLevelPrepAdvanceLevels (const smtk::view::ConfigurationPtr &view)
void prepConfigurationComboBox (const std::string &newConfigurationName)
void checkConfigurations (smtk::attribute::ItemPtr &item)

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseAttributeView
void modified (smtk::attribute::ItemPtr)
- Signals inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseView
void aboutToDestroy ()
void modified ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseAttributeView
QScrollArea * m_ScrollArea
bool m_topLevelInitialized
bool m_topLevelCanCreateConfigurations { false }
smtk::attribute::WeakDefinitionPtr m_topLevelConfigurationDef
bool m_ignoreCategories
std::string m_addressString
- Protected Attributes inherited from smtk::extension::qtBaseView
QWidget * Widget
bool m_isTopLevel
bool m_useSelectionManager
smtk::view::Information m_viewInfo
QPointer< qtViewInfoDialogm_infoDialog
bool m_advOverlayVisible

Detailed Description

UI component for assigning colors to entities.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createWidget()

void smtkAssignColorsView::createWidget ( )

Creates the main QT Widget that is associated with a View.

Typically this is the only method a derived View needs to override.

Reimplemented from smtk::extension::qtBaseView.

◆ displayItem()

bool smtkAssignColorsView::displayItem ( smtk::attribute::ItemPtr  item) const

Determines if an item should be displayed.

This method is called by qtAttribute::createWidget(). If you override this method, you may wish to call this from your override, since it checks the advance-level and category settings for the item.

Reimplemented from smtk::extension::qtBaseAttributeView.

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