Simulation Modeling Tool Kit
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smtk::attribute::Registrar Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void registerTo (const smtk::common::Managers::Ptr &)
static void unregisterFrom (const smtk::common::Managers::Ptr &)
static void registerTo (const smtk::attribute::AssociationRuleManager::Ptr &)
static void unregisterFrom (const smtk::attribute::AssociationRuleManager::Ptr &)
static void registerTo (const smtk::operation::Manager::Ptr &)
static void unregisterFrom (const smtk::operation::Manager::Ptr &)
static void registerTo (const smtk::resource::Manager::Ptr &)
static void unregisterFrom (const smtk::resource::Manager::Ptr &)
static void registerTo (const smtk::attribute::EvaluatorManager::Ptr &)
static void unregisterFrom (const smtk::attribute::EvaluatorManager::Ptr &)

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