Simulation Modeling Tool Kit
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smtk::common::TimeZone Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool isSet () const
void setUTC ()
bool isUTC () const
bool setRegion (const std::string &region)
 Set timezone via region name (table lookup)
std::string region () const
bool setPosixString (const std::string &posixTimeZoneString)
 Set timezone to posix-formatted string.
std::string posixString () const
std::string stdZoneName () const
std::string stdZoneAbbreviation () const
std::string dstZoneName () const
std::string dstZoneAbbreviation () const
bool hasDST () const
bool utcOffset (int &hours, int &minutes) const
bool dstShift (int &hours, int &minutes) const
const boost::local_time::time_zone_ptr boostPointer () const

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