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smtk::extension::qtAssociation2ColumnWidget Class Reference
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Public Slots

void showEntityAssociation (smtk::attribute::AttributePtr theAtt) override
void showEntityAssociation (smtk::attribute::DefinitionPtr theDef) override
virtual void refreshAssociations (const smtk::common::UUID &ignoreResource=smtk::common::UUID::null())
- Public Slots inherited from smtk::extension::qtAssociationWidget
virtual void showEntityAssociation (smtk::attribute::AttributePtr theAtt)=0
 Display/Modify the association information to a specific attribute.
virtual void showEntityAssociation (smtk::attribute::DefinitionPtr theDef)=0
 Display/Modify the association information to a specific attribute definition.

Public Member Functions

 qtAssociation2ColumnWidget (QWidget *p, qtBaseView *view)
bool hasSelectedItem () override
 Return true if there are persistent objects selected. More...
virtual std::string selectionSourceName ()
void leaveEvent (QEvent *) override
bool isValid () const override
 return true if the association information is valid. More...
void setAllAssociatedMode (bool val)
bool allAssociatedMode () const
void setAllAssociationWarning (const std::string &message)
void setCurrentLabel (const std::string &message)
void setAvailableLabel (const std::string &message)
void setTitleLabel (const std::string &message)
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtAssociationWidget
 qtAssociationWidget (QWidget *p, qtBaseView *view)

Protected Slots

virtual void onRemoveAssigned ()
virtual void onAddAvailable ()
virtual void removeObservers ()
virtual void hoverRow (const QModelIndex &idx)
virtual void resetHover ()
virtual void highlightOnHoverChanged (bool)
virtual void onCurrentItemChanged (QListWidgetItem *, QListWidgetItem *)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void initWidget ()
QList< QListWidgetItem * > getSelectedItems (QListWidget *theList) const
virtual void removeItem (QListWidget *, QListWidgetItem *)
smtk::attribute::AttributePtr getAttribute (QListWidgetItem *item)
smtk::attribute::AttributePtr getSelectedAttribute (QListWidgetItem *)
smtk::resource::PersistentObjectPtr object (QListWidgetItem *item)
smtk::resource::PersistentObjectPtr selectedObject (QListWidgetItem *)
virtual QListWidgetItem * addObjectAssociationListItem (QListWidget *theList, const smtk::resource::PersistentObjectPtr &object, bool sort=true, bool appendModelName=false)
virtual QListWidgetItem * addAttributeAssociationItem (QListWidget *theList, smtk::attribute::AttributePtr att, bool sort=true)
void updateListItemSelectionAfterChange (QList< QListWidgetItem * > selItems, QListWidget *list)
int handleOperationEvent (const smtk::operation::Operation &op, smtk::operation::EventType event, smtk::operation::Operation::Result result)
int handleResourceEvent (const smtk::resource::Resource &resource, smtk::resource::EventType event)
void updateAssociationStatus (const smtk::attribute::Attribute *att)
void setIsValid (bool val)

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from smtk::extension::qtAssociationWidget
void attAssociationChanged ()
void availableChanged ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from smtk::extension::qtAssociationWidget
QPointer< qtBaseViewm_view

Member Function Documentation

◆ hasSelectedItem()

bool qtAssociation2ColumnWidget::hasSelectedItem ( )

Return true if there are persistent objects selected.

This comes in handy when a parent group view changes tabs. With this you can prevent tab switching from changing selection state when returning to the view owning this widget

Implements smtk::extension::qtAssociationWidget.

◆ isValid()

bool qtAssociation2ColumnWidget::isValid ( ) const

return true if the association information is valid.

Note that this not only can refer to the requirements related to the target attribute but also to requirements imposed by the View description such as requiring that all "appropriate" persistent objects be associated with an attribute of a specified type.

Implements smtk::extension::qtAssociationWidget.

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