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smtk::extension::qtAttribute Class Reference
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void modified ()
 Signal indicates that the underlying item has been modified.
void itemModified (qtItem *)

Public Member Functions

 qtAttribute (smtk::attribute::AttributePtr, const smtk::view::Configuration::Component &comp, QWidget *parent, qtBaseView *view, bool createWidgetWhenEmpty=false)
smtk::attribute::AttributePtr attribute () const
 Return the SMTK attribute referenced by the instance.
QWidget * widget ()
 Return the QT widget that visualizes the attribute.
QWidget * parentWidget ()
 Return the QT parent widget.
virtual void addItem (qtItem *)
 Add a qtItem to the instance.
QList< qtItem * > & items () const
 Return all of the qtItems stored in the instance.
virtual void showAdvanceLevelOverlay (bool show)
bool useSelectionManager () const
void createBasicLayout (bool includeAssociations)
 A basic layout for an attribute.
bool isEmpty () const
 Returns true if it does not display any of its items.
bool isValid () const
 Returns true if the underlying attribute is valid.
void removeItems ()
 Remove all qtItems contained in the qtAttribute. More...

Protected Slots

void onItemModified ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void createWidget (bool createWidgetWhenEmpty=false)
 \briefMethod for creating the widget for the qtAttribute. More...

Protected Attributes

QPointer< QWidget > m_widget

Member Function Documentation

◆ createWidget()

void qtAttribute::createWidget ( bool  createWidgetWhenEmpty = false)

\briefMethod for creating the widget for the qtAttribute.

If the underlying attribute would have been filtered out by categories or advanced level a nullptr is returned unless createWidgetWhenEmpty is true.

◆ removeItems()

void qtAttribute::removeItems ( )

Remove all qtItems contained in the qtAttribute.

This allows createBasicLayout to be called multiple times.

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