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smtk::extension::qtAvailableOperations Class Reference

Present a list of available operations to users. More...

#include <qtAvailableOperations.h>

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void tryOperation (const smtk::operation::Operation::Index &op)
void editOperation (const smtk::operation::Operation::Index &op)
void hoverOperation (const smtk::operation::Operation::Index &op)

Public Member Functions

 qtAvailableOperations (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
smtk::view::AvailableOperationsPtr operationSource () const
void setOperationSource (smtk::view::AvailableOperationsPtr avail)
void setUseLabels (bool val)
bool useLabels () const
QListWidget * listWidget () const

Protected Member Functions

void updateList ()

Protected Attributes

QListWidget * m_operationList { nullptr }
QVBoxLayout * m_layout { nullptr }
smtk::view::AvailableOperationsPtr m_operationSource
smtk::view::AvailableOperations::Observers::Key m_operationSourceObserverId
bool m_useLabels { false }

Detailed Description

Present a list of available operations to users.

Depending on whether the operation's defaults allow it, an operation may be run immediately (with default parameters) or sent to an editor (where the user may change parameters and run or cancel editing).

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