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smtk::extension::qtInputsItem Class Reference
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Public Slots

void setOutputOptional (int)
void onExpressionReferenceChanged ()
void onTextEditChanged ()
void onLineEditChanged ()
void onLineEditFinished ()
void onInputValueChanged (QObject *)
void doubleValueChanged (double newVal)
void intValueChanged (int newVal)
void updateItemData () override
void showContextMenu (const QPoint &pt, int elementIdx)
- Public Slots inherited from smtk::extension::qtItem
virtual void updateItemData ()
 Tell the qtItem to update itself based on changes to its underlying attribute item.

Public Member Functions

 qtInputsItem (const qtAttributeItemInfo &info)
void setLabelVisible (bool) override
void unsetValue (int elementIndex)
bool setDiscreteValue (int elementIndex, int discreteValIndex)
void forceUpdate ()
 Forces the object to act as if the underlying item was modified. More...
bool isFixedWidth () const override
bool eventFilter (QObject *filterObj, QEvent *ev) override
QWidget * lastEditor () const override
 Returns editor widget, used when setting tab order.
void updateTabOrder (QWidget *precedingEditor) override
 Sets previous widget for tabbing order.
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtItem
 qtItem (const qtAttributeItemInfo &info)
smtk::attribute::ItemPtr item () const
template<typename ItemType >
std::shared_ptr< ItemType > itemAs () const
qtUIManageruiManager () const
smtk::attribute::ResourcePtr attributeResource () const
 Return the underlying Attribute Resource.
QPointer< QWidget > widget ()
QPointer< QWidget > parentWidget ()
bool isLeafItem ()
void showAdvanceLevelOverlay (bool)
bool useSelectionManager () const
void setReadOnly (bool mode)
bool isReadOnly () const
virtual void markForDeletion ()
 Indicates that the item should be deleted. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static qtItemcreateItemWidget (const qtAttributeItemInfo &info)

Protected Slots

virtual void onAddNewValue ()
virtual void onRemoveValue ()
void displayExpressionWidget (bool checkstate)
virtual void onChildItemModified ()
- Protected Slots inherited from smtk::extension::qtItem
virtual void onAdvanceLevelChanged (int levelIdx)
virtual void onChildWidgetSizeChanged ()

Protected Member Functions

void createWidget () override
virtual void loadInputValues ()
virtual void updateUI ()
virtual void addInputEditor (int i)
virtual void updateExtensibleState ()
virtual void clearChildWidgets ()
QWidget * createDoubleWidget (int elementIdx, smtk::attribute::ValueItemPtr vitem, QWidget *pWidget, QString &tooltip)
QWidget * createIntWidget (int elementIdx, smtk::attribute::ValueItemPtr vitem, QWidget *pWidget, QString &tooltip)
virtual QWidget * createInputWidget (int elementIdx, QLayout *childLayout)
virtual QWidget * createEditBox (int elementIdx, QWidget *pWidget)
virtual QFrame * createExpressionRefFrame ()
virtual QFrame * createLabelFrame (const smtk::attribute::ValueItem *vitem, const smtk::attribute::ValueItemDefinition *vitemDef)
void updateDoubleItemData (QWidget *iwidget, const smtk::attribute::DoubleItemPtr &ditem)
void updateIntItemData (QWidget *iwidget, const smtk::attribute::IntItemPtr &iitem)
void updateStringItemData (QWidget *iwidget, const smtk::attribute::StringItemPtr &sitem)
void updateExpressionRefWidgetForEvaluation (smtk::attribute::ValueItemPtr inputItem, bool showMessageBox)
void hideExpressionResultWidgets ()
void showExpressionResultWidgets (bool success, const QString &text, const QString &tooltip)
Qt::Orientation getOrientation (const qtAttributeItemInfo &info)
 Determines (horizontal/vertical) orientation for values or children items.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from smtk::extension::qtItem
virtual void setLocalAdvanceLevel (unsigned int level)
virtual void addChildItem (qtItem *)
virtual void removeChildItem (qtItem *)
virtual void clearChildItems ()
QList< qtItem * > & childItems ()


class qtDiscreteValueEditor

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from smtk::extension::qtItem
void widgetSizeChanged ()
 Signal indicates that the underlying widget's size has been modified.
void modified ()
 Signal indicates that the underlying item has been modified.
void childModified (qtItem *item)
 Signal indicates that the child from the underlying item has been modified More...
void editingWidgetChanged ()
 Indicates editing widget changed. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from smtk::extension::qtItem
QPointer< QWidget > m_widget
bool m_isLeafItem
bool m_useSelectionManager
bool m_readOnly
bool m_markedForDeletion
qtAttributeItemInfo m_itemInfo
QList< smtk::extension::qtItem * > m_childItems

Member Function Documentation

◆ forceUpdate()

void qtInputsItem::forceUpdate ( )

Forces the object to act as if the underlying item was modified.

Used mainly by helper classes like qtDiscreteValueEditor

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