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smtk::io::AttributeWriter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool setFileVersion (unsigned int version)
void setMaxFileVersion ()
unsigned int fileVersion () const
bool write (smtk::attribute::ResourcePtr resource, const std::string &filename, smtk::io::Logger &logger)
bool writeContents (smtk::attribute::ResourcePtr resource, std::string &filecontents, smtk::io::Logger &logger, bool no_declaration=false)
void includeAdvanceLevels (bool val)
void includeAnalyses (bool val)
void includeAttributeAssociations (bool val)
void includeEvaluators (bool val)
void includeDefinitions (bool val)
void includeInstances (bool val)
void includeResourceAssociations (bool val)
void includeResourceID (bool val)
void includeUniqueRoles (bool val)
void includeViews (bool val)
void useDirectoryInfo (bool val)
void treatAsLibrary (const std::vector< smtk::attribute::DefinitionPtr > &includedDefs)
void setIncludedDefinitions (const std::vector< smtk::attribute::DefinitionPtr > &includedDefs)
const std::vector< smtk::attribute::DefinitionPtr > & includedDefinitions () const
void setExcludedDefinitions (const std::set< smtk::attribute::DefinitionPtr > &excludedDefs)
const std::set< smtk::attribute::DefinitionPtr > & excludedDefinitions () const

Protected Member Functions

XmlStringWriternewXmlStringWriter (smtk::attribute::ResourcePtr resource, smtk::io::Logger &logger) const

Member Function Documentation

◆ treatAsLibrary()

void smtk::io::AttributeWriter::treatAsLibrary ( const std::vector< smtk::attribute::DefinitionPtr > &  includedDefs)
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