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smtk::markup::SpatialData Class Reference

Markup nodes that have spatial extents. More...

#include <SpatialData.h>

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Public Member Functions

 smtkTypeMacro (smtk::markup::SpatialData)
 smtkSuperclassMacro (smtk::markup::Component)
template<typename... Args>
 SpatialData (Args &&... args)
void initialize (const nlohmann::json &data, smtk::resource::json::Helper &helper) override
 Provide an initializer for resources to call after construction.
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::markup::Component
 smtkTypeMacro (smtk::markup::Component)
 smtkSuperclassMacro (smtk::graph::Component)
template<typename... Args>
 Component (Args &&... args)
Component::Index index () const
 The index is a compile-time intrinsic of the derived resource; as such, it cannot be set.
std::string name () const override
 Return the component's name.
bool setName (const std::string &name)
 Set the component's name.
ArcEndpointInterface< arcs::GroupsToMembers, ConstArc, IncomingArcgroups () const
 Return the container of groups this component belongs to.
ArcEndpointInterface< arcs::GroupsToMembers, NonConstArc, IncomingArcgroups ()
ArcEndpointInterface< arcs::LabelsToSubjects, ConstArc, IncomingArclabels () const
 Return the container of labels that reference this component.
ArcEndpointInterface< arcs::LabelsToSubjects, NonConstArc, IncomingArclabels ()
ArcEndpointInterface< arcs::URLsToImportedData, ConstArc, IncomingArcimportedFrom () const
 Return the container of URLs from which this component was imported (if any).
ArcEndpointInterface< arcs::URLsToImportedData, NonConstArc, IncomingArcimportedFrom ()
ArcEndpointInterface< arcs::OntologyIdentifiersToIndividuals, ConstArc, IncomingArcontologyClasses () const
 Return the container of ontology identifiers this component realizes. More...
ArcEndpointInterface< arcs::OntologyIdentifiersToIndividuals, NonConstArc, IncomingArcontologyClasses ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::graph::Component
 smtkTypeMacro (smtk::graph::Component)
 smtkSuperclassMacro (smtk::resource::Component)
const smtk::resource::ResourcePtr resource () const override
 Access the containing resource.
smtk::resource::ResourceparentResource () const override
 Return a raw (not shared) pointer to the resource that owns this component. More...
const smtk::common::UUIDid () const override
 Access the component's id.
bool setId (const smtk::common::UUID &uid) override
 Set the component's id.
template<typename ArcType >
ArcEndpointInterface< ArcType, ConstArc, OutgoingArcoutgoing () const
 Return an endpoint-interface object for arcs of ArcType outgoing from this node. More...
template<typename ArcType >
ArcEndpointInterface< ArcType, NonConstArc, OutgoingArcoutgoing ()
template<typename ArcType >
ArcEndpointInterface< ArcType, ConstArc, IncomingArcincoming () const
 Return an endpoint-interface object for arcs of ArcType incoming to this node. More...
template<typename ArcType >
ArcEndpointInterface< ArcType, NonConstArc, IncomingArcincoming ()
bool disconnect (bool onlyExplicit=false)
 Remove all (editable) arcs from this node. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::resource::Component
 smtkTypeMacro (smtk::resource::Component)
 smtkSuperclassMacro (smtk::resource::PersistentObject)
 smtkSharedFromThisMacro (smtk::resource::PersistentObject)
template<typename ResourceType >
ResourceType * parentResourceAs () const
 This variant of parentResource casts the result to the given ResourceType.
Linkslinks () override
 Return the links that connect this component to external resources/components.
const Linkslinks () const override
Propertiesproperties () override
 Return properties defined on this component.
const Propertiesproperties () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::resource::PersistentObject
 smtkTypeMacroBase (smtk::resource::PersistentObject)
template<typename T >
T::Ptr as ()
 Attempt to cast this object to a subclass.
template<typename T >
T::ConstPtr as () const
 Attempt to cast this object to a subclass.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from smtk::markup::Component
using Serialize = std::true_type
using Index = std::size_t
- Public Types inherited from smtk::resource::Component
typedef std::function< void(const ComponentPtr &)> Visitor
typedef detail::ComponentLinks Links
typedef detail::ComponentProperties Properties
- Static Public Attributes inherited from smtk::markup::Component
static const Component::Index type_index
 A unique integer corresponding to the component type.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from smtk::graph::Component
 Component (const std::shared_ptr< smtk::graph::ResourceBase > &)
 Component (const std::shared_ptr< smtk::graph::ResourceBase > &, const smtk::common::UUID &)
virtual void createDependentArcs ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from smtk::markup::Component
std::string m_name
- Protected Attributes inherited from smtk::graph::Component
smtk::WeakReferenceWrapper< smtk::graph::ResourceBasem_resource
smtk::common::UUID m_id

Detailed Description

Markup nodes that have spatial extents.

Spatial data has a map from some abstract space (a Domain) into some physical coordinate system that can be rendered and analysed.

Subclasses of SpatialData include DiscreteGeometry (where the domain is represented as a complex of discrete primitive shapes whose geometry is a (generally convex) combination of corner points with a prescribed topology) and analytic shapes (where the domain is a set of functions that map parameter values into physical coordinates).

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