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smtk::mesh::MeshSet Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 MeshSet (const smtk::mesh::ResourcePtr &parent, smtk::mesh::Handle handle)
 MeshSet (const smtk::mesh::ConstResourcePtr &parent, smtk::mesh::Handle handle)
 MeshSet (const smtk::mesh::ResourcePtr &parent, smtk::mesh::Handle handle, const smtk::mesh::HandleRange &range)
 MeshSet (const smtk::mesh::ConstResourcePtr &parent, smtk::mesh::Handle handle, const smtk::mesh::HandleRange &range)
 MeshSet (const MeshSet &other)
MeshSetoperator= (const MeshSet &other)
bool operator== (const MeshSet &other) const
bool operator!= (const MeshSet &other) const
bool operator< (const MeshSet &other) const
bool append (const MeshSet &other)
bool isValid () const
bool is_empty () const
std::string name () const
bool setName (const std::string &)
std::size_t size () const
std::vector< smtk::mesh::Domaindomains () const
std::vector< smtk::mesh::Dirichletdirichlets () const
std::vector< smtk::mesh::Neumannneumanns () const
bool setDomain (const smtk::mesh::Domain &d)
bool setDirichlet (const smtk::mesh::Dirichlet &d)
bool setNeumann (const smtk::mesh::Neumann &n)
const smtk::common::UUIDid () const
 Return the meshset's UUID.
void setId (const smtk::common::UUID &)
 Set the meshset's UUID.
smtk::common::UUIDArray modelEntityIds () const
 Return an array of model entity UUIDs associated with meshset members.
bool modelEntities (smtk::model::EntityRefArray &) const
 Return the model entities associated with meshset members. More...
bool setModelEntityId (const smtk::common::UUID &)
 Set the model entity for each meshset member to ent.
bool setModelEntity (const smtk::model::EntityRef &)
 Set the model entity for each meshset member to ent.
std::vector< std::string > names () const
smtk::mesh::TypeSet types () const
smtk::mesh::CellSet cells () const
smtk::mesh::PointSet points (bool boundary_only=false) const
smtk::mesh::PointConnectivity pointConnectivity () const
smtk::mesh::CellSet cells (smtk::mesh::CellType cellType) const
smtk::mesh::CellSet cells (smtk::mesh::CellTypes cTypes) const
smtk::mesh::CellSet cells (smtk::mesh::DimensionType dim) const
smtk::mesh::MeshSet subset (smtk::mesh::DimensionType dim) const
smtk::mesh::MeshSet subset (const smtk::mesh::Domain &d) const
smtk::mesh::MeshSet subset (const smtk::mesh::Dirichlet &d) const
smtk::mesh::MeshSet subset (const smtk::mesh::Neumann &n) const
smtk::mesh::MeshSet subset (std::size_t ith) const
smtk::mesh::MeshSet extractShell () const
smtk::mesh::MeshSet extractShell (bool &created) const
smtk::mesh::MeshSet extractAdjacenciesOfDimension (int dimension) const
smtk::mesh::MeshSet extractAdjacenciesOfDimension (int dimension, bool &created) const
bool mergeCoincidentContactPoints (double tolerance=1.0e-6)
smtk::mesh::CellField createCellField (const std::string &name, int dimension, const smtk::mesh::FieldType &type, const void *field=nullptr)
smtk::mesh::CellField cellField (const std::string &name) const
std::set< smtk::mesh::CellFieldcellFields () const
bool removeCellField (smtk::mesh::CellField cellfield)
smtk::mesh::PointField createPointField (const std::string &name, int dimension, const smtk::mesh::FieldType &type, const void *field=nullptr)
smtk::mesh::PointField pointField (const std::string &name) const
std::set< smtk::mesh::PointFieldpointFields () const
bool removePointField (smtk::mesh::PointField pointfield)
const smtk::mesh::HandleRange & range () const
const smtk::mesh::ResourcePtrresource () const
 Get the parent resource that this meshset belongs to.


class Resource
SMTKCORE_EXPORT MeshSet set_intersect (const MeshSet &a, const MeshSet &b)
SMTKCORE_EXPORT MeshSet set_difference (const MeshSet &a, const MeshSet &b)
SMTKCORE_EXPORT MeshSet set_union (const MeshSet &a, const MeshSet &b)
SMTKCORE_EXPORT void for_each (const MeshSet &a, MeshForEach &filter)
std::shared_ptr< ComponentComponent::create (const ResourcePtr &, const smtk::common::UUID &)
std::shared_ptr< ComponentComponent::create (const MeshSet &)

Member Function Documentation

◆ modelEntities()

bool smtk::mesh::MeshSet::modelEntities ( smtk::model::EntityRefArray array) const

Return the model entities associated with meshset members.

warning Note that the parent resource of this meshset must have its model resource set to a valid value or the result will be an array of invalid entries.

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