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smtk::operation::ImportPythonOperation Class Reference

A class for adding python operations to the current session. More...

#include <ImportPythonOperation.h>

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Public Member Functions

 smtkTypeMacro (smtk::operation::ImportPythonOperation)
 smtkCreateMacro (ImportPythonOperation)
 smtkSharedFromThisMacro (smtk::operation::Operation)
 smtkSuperclassMacro (smtk::operation::Operation)
bool ableToOperate () override
 Check if the operation's attribute resource is valid. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::operation::Operation
 smtkTypeMacroBase (smtk::operation::Operation)
virtual Index index () const
virtual bool configure (const smtk::attribute::AttributePtr &changedAttribute=smtk::attribute::AttributePtr(), const smtk::attribute::ItemPtr &changedItem=smtk::attribute::ItemPtr())
 Update the operation's specification and operations to be consistent. More...
Result operate ()
 Execute the operation, log its outcome and return its results. More...
Outcome safeOperate ()
 Execute the operation in an asynchronous environment. More...
Outcome safeOperate (Handler handler)
virtual bool releaseResult (Result &result)
 Release the operation result returned by operate(). More...
virtual smtk::io::Loggerlog () const
 Retrieve the operation's logger. More...
Specification specification ()
 This accessor facilitates the lazy construction of the specification, allowing for derived implementations of its creation. More...
Parameters parameters ()
 Access the operation's input parameters, constructing them if necessary. More...
Parameters parameters () const
Result createResult (Outcome)
 Create an attribute representing this operation's result type. More...
ManagerPtr manager () const
 Operations that are managed have a non-null pointer to their manager.
bool restoreTrace (const std::string &trace)
 restore operation parameters from the trace of a previously run operation.
void setManagers (const std::shared_ptr< smtk::common::Managers > &m)
 Operations may be passed application state in the form of a Managers type-container.
std::shared_ptr< smtk::common::Managersmanagers () const
virtual bool threadSafe () const
 Is this type of operation safe to launch in a thread?
smtk::resource::ManagerPtr resourceManager ()
 retrieve the resource manager, if available.
Result operate (Key)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::vector< std::string > importOperationsFromModule (const std::string &, Manager &)
static bool importOperation (smtk::operation::Manager &manager, const std::string &moduleName, const std::string &opName)

Protected Member Functions

Result operateInternal () override
 Perform the actual operation and construct the result.
Specification createSpecification () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from smtk::operation::Operation
virtual ResourceAccessMap identifyLocksRequired ()
 Identify resources to lock, and whether to lock them for reading or writing. More...
virtual void postProcessResult (Result &)
virtual void markModifiedResources (Result &)
virtual bool unmanageResources (Result &)
virtual void generateSummary (Result &)
Specification createBaseSpecification () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from smtk::operation::Operation
enum  Outcome {
  Outcome::UNABLE_TO_OPERATE, Outcome::CANCELED, Outcome::FAILED, Outcome::SUCCEEDED,
  Outcome::UNKNOWN = -1
typedef std::size_t Index
typedef std::shared_ptr< smtk::attribute::AttributeParameters
typedef std::shared_ptr< smtk::attribute::AttributeResult
typedef std::shared_ptr< smtk::attribute::ResourceSpecification
typedef std::shared_ptr< smtk::attribute::DefinitionDefinition
- Public Attributes inherited from smtk::operation::Operation
friend Manager
friend ImportPythonOperation
- Protected Attributes inherited from smtk::operation::Operation
int m_debugLevel { 0 }
std::weak_ptr< Managerm_manager
std::shared_ptr< smtk::common::Managersm_managers

Detailed Description

A class for adding python operations to the current session.

Given a python file that describes an operation, this operation loads the python operation into the current session. The new operation is ready for use upon the successful completion of this operation (the session does not need to be restarted).

Member Function Documentation

◆ ableToOperate()

bool smtk::operation::ImportPythonOperation::ableToOperate ( )

Check if the operation's attribute resource is valid.

Derived operations may implement more task-specific checks to ensure that the operation is in a valid state.

Reimplemented from smtk::operation::Operation.

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