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smtk::view::BadgeActionToggle Class Reference

The basic badge action: the user clicked on a badge. More...

#include <Badge.h>

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- Public Types inherited from smtk::view::BadgeAction
using PhraseVisitor = std::function< bool(DescriptivePhrase *)>
 When visiting multiple phrases to which a badge action should apply, this function is supplied by the badge. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from smtk::view::BadgeAction
virtual void visitRelatedPhrases (PhraseVisitor visitor) const
 Some actions may apply to multiple phrases (e.g., those selected when a key is pressed). More...

Detailed Description

The basic badge action: the user clicked on a badge.

No additional information is provided. Some frameworks may override visitRelatedPhrases in a subclass to indicate that multiple phrases were selected when the user clicked on the primary phrase passed to Badge::action().

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