Simulation Modeling Tool Kit
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smtk::markup Namespace Reference

Markup resource. More...


 Utility classes that import ontology classes for widget autocompletion.


class  AnalyticShape
 Simple shapes that have analytic representations, generally as implicit, trivariate functions whose zero level-set defines the shape. More...
class  AssignedIds
 An API for querying the IDs allotted to a component in an IdSpace. More...
class  BoundaryOperator
 A discrete mapping from one IdSpace into another that enumerates boundaries of the domain. More...
class  Box
 A 3-dimensional, 6-sided shape with axis-aligned planar surfaces. More...
class  Comment
class  Component
class  Cone
 A ruled 3-dimensional surface identified by 2 points and 2 radii. More...
class  CopyOptions
class  Create
 Create a markup resource. More...
class  CreateAnalyticShape
 CreateAnalyticShape a markup resource. More...
class  CreateArc
 Add a new arc connecting nodes in a resource. More...
class  CreateGroup
 CreateGroup a markup resource. More...
class  Delete
 Delete components from a resource. More...
class  DiscreteGeometry
 Represent a discrete geometric shape as a modeling entity. More...
class  Domain
 The domain of a discrete or parameterized dataset. More...
struct  DomainDeserializer
class  DomainMap
 Container for all the namespaces a resource presents for components to share. More...
struct  DomainSerializer
class  DumpGraph
 Dump a graph of the nodes in a markup resource in graphviz format. More...
class  EditComment
 Create a Comment node and attach it to the associated object(s) or edit the text of an existing comment. More...
class  Feature
class  Field
 A function defined over some shape's space. More...
class  Group
 A set of components owned by this component. More...
class  IdSpace
 A numbering used in a context. More...
class  ImageData
class  Import
 Import geometric and ontological data into a resource. More...
class  Index
 A catalog that orders numbers in an IdSpace according to some field. More...
class  IndirectAssignedIds
 IDs assigned in random order by an array held on a component. More...
class  Label
class  Landmark
 A spatial landmark. More...
struct  NodeInitializer
 Initialize nodes after they have been deserialized. More...
class  NodeSet
 An adaptation of subsets for representing subsets of points. More...
class  Ontology
 A collection of labels related to one another by relationships, typically imported from an OWL. More...
class  OntologyIdentifier
 An entry in an ontology used to label components. More...
class  ParameterSpace
 A dataset whose spatial extents serve as the domain of a map into a different coordinate system. More...
class  Plane
 A flat 3-dimensional surface identified by a point and normal. More...
class  Read
 Read a markup resource. More...
class  Registrar
class  Resource
 A resource for annotating geometric models. More...
struct  SelectionFootprint
 Identify b-rep components highlighted to display a selection. More...
class  SequentialAssignedIds
 IDs assigned in an ordered sequence to a component. More...
class  SetName
 Set the name of a markup node or resource. More...
class  SideSet
 An adaptation of subsets for representing subsets of boundaries of spatial data. More...
class  SpatialData
 Markup nodes that have spatial extents. More...
class  Sphere
 A 3-dimensional surface of constant non-zero curvature identified by a point and radius. More...
class  SubphraseGenerator
class  Subset
class  TagIndividual
 Create an ontology node that tags the associated objects as individual instances of a class. More...
struct  Traits
 Traits that describe markup node and arc types. More...
class  Ungroup
 Ungroup a markup resource. More...
class  UnstructuredData
class  URL
class  Write
 Write a markup resource. More...


template<typename ArcTraits , typename Constness , typename Outgoingness >
using ArcEndpointInterface = smtk::graph::ArcEndpointInterface< ArcTraits, Constness, Outgoingness >
using ConstArc = smtk::graph::ConstArc
using NonConstArc = smtk::graph::NonConstArc
using IncomingArc = smtk::graph::IncomingArc
using OutgoingArc = smtk::graph::OutgoingArc
using DomainFactory = smtk::common::Factory< smtk::markup::Domain, void, smtk::string::Token, const nlohmann::json & >
using IdType = std::size_t
 The type used for holding IDs in an IdSpace domain.
using GraphResource = smtk::graph::Resource< Traits >
 A specialization of the graph resource to the markup node and arc types.


enum  IdNature { Primary, Referential, NonExclusive, Unassigned }
 The nature of how identifiers in an instance of AssignedIds are used. More...


IdNature natureEnumerant (smtk::string::Token natureToken)
 Return a Nature enumerant from a string token. More...
smtk::string::Token natureToken (IdNature natureEnumerant)
 Return a string token for a Nature enumerant.
constexpr IdType SMTKMARKUP_EXPORT InvalidId ()
 A value used to indicate no ID is available or a reference is invalid.
void to_json (json &jj, const smtk::markup::Domain *domain)
void to_json (json &jj, const smtk::markup::IdSpace *idSpace)
void to_json (nlohmann::json &jj, const smtk::markup::IdNature &nature)
void from_json (const nlohmann::json &jj, smtk::markup::IdNature &nature)
void to_json (json &jj, const smtk::markup::AssignedIds &assignedIds)
void to_json (json &jj, const smtk::markup::Component *component)
void to_json (json &jj, const smtk::markup::Box *box)
void to_json (json &jj, const smtk::markup::Field *field)
void to_json (json &jj, const smtk::markup::ImageData *image)
void to_json (json &jj, const smtk::markup::UnstructuredData *unstructuredData)
void to_json (json &jj, const smtk::markup::Sphere *sphere)
void to_json (json &jj, const smtk::markup::OntologyIdentifier *oid)
void to_json (json &jj, const smtk::markup::Comment *comment)
template<typename NodeType >
void from_json (const json &jj, std::shared_ptr< NodeType > &node)
void from_json< BoundaryOperator > (const json &jj, std::shared_ptr< BoundaryOperator > &domain)
void from_json< IdSpace > (const json &jj, std::shared_ptr< IdSpace > &domain)
void from_json< Index > (const json &jj, std::shared_ptr< Index > &domain)
void from_json< ParameterSpace > (const json &jj, std::shared_ptr< ParameterSpace > &domain)
void to_json (nlohmann::json &j, const smtk::markup::Resource::Ptr &resource)
void from_json (const nlohmann::json &jj, smtk::markup::Resource::Ptr &resource)
void to_json (nlohmann::json &jj, const smtk::markup::Nature &nature)
void from_json (const nlohmann::json &jj, smtk::markup::Nature &nature)
smtk::resource::ResourcePtr create (const smtk::common::UUID &uid, const std::shared_ptr< smtk::common::Managers > &managers)
smtk::resource::ResourcePtr importResource (const std::string &filename)
smtk::resource::ResourcePtr read (const std::string &filename, const std::shared_ptr< smtk::common::Managers > &managers)
bool write (const smtk::resource::ResourcePtr &resource, const std::shared_ptr< smtk::common::Managers > &managers)

Detailed Description

Markup resource.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ IdNature

The nature of how identifiers in an instance of AssignedIds are used.


Identifiers are exclusively owned by the component.


Identifiers are not owned – only referenced – by the component.


Ownership of identifiers is shared with other components.


Identifiers are not reserved for use.

Function Documentation

◆ natureEnumerant()

IdNature SMTKMARKUP_EXPORT smtk::markup::natureEnumerant ( smtk::string::Token  natureToken)

Return a Nature enumerant from a string token.

Accepted string tokens include upper-camel- and snake-case variants of the enumerants: "Primary", "primary", "Referential", "referential", "NonExclusive", "non_exclusive", "Unassigned", or "unassigned". Any other token will default to Nature::Unassigned.