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smtk::graph::RuntimeArc< Direction > Struct Template Reference

A base class for arc-types defined at runtime. More...

#include <RuntimeArc.h>

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Public Types

using FromType = Component
using ToType = Component
using Directed = typename std::conditional< Direction==IsDirected, std::true_type, std::false_type >::type

Public Member Functions

 RuntimeArc (smtk::string::Token declaredType, const std::unordered_set< smtk::string::Token > &fromNodeSpecs, const std::unordered_set< smtk::string::Token > &toNodeSpecs, smtk::graph::ResourceBase *resource)
bool connect (const Component *from, const Component *to, const Component *, const Component *)
 Providing this method does not replace the implementation of ExplicitArcs::connect(); instead, this method is used as an additional run-time check on whether a connection is allowed.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool checkNodeMatch (const Component *node, smtk::string::Token typeName, const std::unordered_set< smtk::string::Token > &typeRules, const std::vector< std::function< bool(const Component &)>> &opRules)

Public Attributes

smtk::string::Token m_selfType
std::unordered_set< smtk::string::Tokenm_fromNodeSpecs
std::unordered_set< smtk::string::Tokenm_toNodeSpecs
std::vector< std::function< bool(const Component &)> > m_fromNodeOps
std::vector< std::function< bool(const Component &)> > m_toNodeOps

Detailed Description

template<Directionality Direction>
struct smtk::graph::RuntimeArc< Direction >

A base class for arc-types defined at runtime.

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