SMTK 22.08 Release Notes

See also SMTK 22.07 Release Notes for previous changes.

SMTK Operation Changes

Remove Resources via Operation

The Result attribute of Operation now includes a resourcesToExpunge item that tells the Operation base class to remove resources from the resource manager after operation observers have run, and before releasing resource locks, to avoid conflicts. The RemoveResource operation now uses this mechanism, and File .. Close Resource uses this operation instead of closing resources directly. The Result attribute also includes a removeAssociations optional item which can be enabled to remove the resource’s links to other resources, to prevent re-loading.

Any operations that remove resources should switch to this new pattern.

Deprecate ResourceManagerOperation

The ResourceManagerOperation sub-class is now redundant, replace any occurrences with XMLOperation.

SMTK Software Process Changes

Continuous integration

SMTK uses MSVC 2022 to test merge requests rather than MSVC 2019.