As mentioned in the previous section, views may show editable attribute resources or trees of descriptive phrases. Configuration information is different for each of these types.

Attribute views

This view information is used to configure qtBaseView instances. Views of an attribute resource may need to display many attributes, some of which may be created upon user input (i.e., by adding a new material or boundary condition). However, there must be one view marked as the top-level view for any given attribute resource. This view may have child views that it uses to organize (1) fixed, one-per-simulation attribute instances as well as (2) attribute instances that may vary in number to fit the needs of the simulation.

Phrase views

These views appear in 2 types of widgets in SMTK: panels holding tree views (such as the resource panel) and widgets for selecting components or resources, where only a flat list is presented (such as the reference item widget).